Schatz Ornstein Studio Internship/Apprenticeship
Our 2012-2013 Internship has been decided.
Submissions for the year beginning January 2013 accepted starting in June 2012

Howard Schatz is a fine art and commercial photographer who, along with his wife and business partner, Beverly Ornstein, owns Schatz Ornstein Studio located in Manhattan. Each year, we choose one young photographer, artist or videographer for a year-long, non-paying internship.

During that year we commit to the following goals for the intern:

1. Thorough familiarity with principles of still photography
2. Thorough understanding of studio/imaging workflow
3. Working knowledge of studio lighting
4. Working knowledge of medium and small format digital cameras
5. Working knowledge of studio and location production.

These goals are accomplished (among others) through the following:

1. Regular review of work created in the studio & discussion of esthetics as well as technique.
2. Regular review of the work of photographic masters through study of their work
3. Intern to take primary responsibility for all archiving and logging of shoots
4. Intern to take primary responsibility for transfer of files to photographer and digital studio
5. Daily hands-on assisting in setting up of medium format cameras and sets in studio
6. Assisting on location with the handling of 35mm digital cameras
7. Working with in-house producer on location and studio shoots.

The goal for this internship is to learn, in a professional, working environment, the business, the art and the science of photography. During the course of the year, the intern can learn to master not only a wide range of highly sophisticated technical equipment, but to develop a well-tuned understanding of the subtleties of lighting and camera work in the studio. With training, the intern will take over full responsibility for workflow management of all digital imagery. With demonstrated skill, intern can also function as photo assistant on shoots.

Email a letter of interest and your resume to