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Gifted Woman

Fifty duotone portraits accompanied by the biographies of fifty women who have reached extraordinary heights in their chosen professions.

"We live at a time in which more and more attention is being paid to recording the history of women's contributions to every facet of life in our society. As you look though the pages you will find many a great role model for your daughters and your sisters and yourselves. This book chronicles the achievements of fifty professional women from every field of endeavor. Reading about their successes will remind you that, indeed, 'women hold up half the sky'. Seeing the passionate dedication which illuminates the face in every one of these remarkable Portraits will leave you with a glow long after you've closed the cover of the book."

+ Beverly J. Ornstein, Editor ++

REVIEWS: Gifted Woman

-"Schatz's full-page photographic portraits are appealing, at times interpretive, elegant, warm, merry, ingenious, suave."-
+ Publishers Weekly ++

-"[This book] captures the intellect, spirit and sheer amazingness of 50...women."-
+ The Oakland Tribune ++

-"Schatz is a gifted photographer."-
+ The Photograph Collector ++

Hardcover, 9 1/2" x 11 1/2", 120 pp,
50 b/w photographs
Pub. Date: Fall 1993
Publisher: Pacific Photographic Press,
San Francisco, CA