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This book includes forty duotone portraits of newborns ranging in age from one day to one month.

"I lay in bed looking at this beautiful boy whose head is so perfectly shaped and whose eyes engage with mine as though he is an astrologer discovering the stars. I run a gentle hand over his hair and feel the place where his skull is not yet fully formed. I place a finger to his palm so he can grasp with all his strength and I hold his feet in my hands and squeeze them to make sure he's real. When his feet press against my palms I am overcome with the memory of his kicks inside my belly, his movements as he floated through my womb." Julie Winokur, from Newborn

REVIEWS: Newborn

-"...a far cry from Grandma's snapshots...babies suavely nestled into someone's hand, impassively nursing, or...simply silhouetted against stark, black space...guaranteed, on the whole, to produce abject cooing and aahing."-
+ Alexandra Jacobs, Entertainment Weekly ++

-"The pictures are far from predictable. The success of Howard Schatz's pictures lies in the saying made popular by architect Mies van der Rohe: God is in the details."-
+ David Yarnold, San Jose Mercury News ++

-" can't miss with this photo collection."-
+ USA Today Best Pick ++

-"These images capture and celebrate the miracle of new life."-
+ Tula Karras, Child Magazine ++

Hardcover, 7 1/2" x 7 1/2",
78 pp, 42 b/w photographs
Pub. Date: 1st ed., Spring 1996
2nd ed., Fall 1996
Publisher: Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA