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In NudeBodyNude, Howard Schatz's twelfth book of photographs, he has created a collection of exquisite and passionate images in this original exploration of the human body. The subjects, fashion models and dancers, appear in stunning black and white, duotone and rich color, in full body studies and in intimate close-ups, beautifully lit, sensual and sumptuous. The range of new and creative imagery is tremendous.

In his introduction to NUDE BODY NUDE, photography critic Owen Edwards writes, "Nude Body Nude encompasses a range from the aesthetic to the erotic; to page through this book is to take part in an artist's movement through an almost hypnotic process of thematic development. What we see is nothing less than musical in its constant shift from one key to another, from one tempo and mood to something radically different. Each picture remains part of a continuum that drives you along. We leave this bravura concert of quintessential form and passionate function surprised and delighted and humming the tune."

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REVIEWS: NudeBodyNude

-"Schatz explore(s) the human form in all its amazing potential. As the Greeks did with their sculpture, transforming mortals into gods and goddesses, Schatz seeks out and captures the ideal form in his photographs."-
+ Washington Post Book World ++
-"The bodies are gloriously, nakedly nude."-

+ Kansas City Star ++
-"Howard Schatz, with his startling span of color and duotone imagery is not only a stagey erotician but a wit, and the charm is in how often he can make us chuckle."-
+ San Diego Union Tribune ++
-"A unique sensibility... one that comprehends the inner anatomy as much as the outer appearance."-

+ Bloomsbury Review ++
-"In questo libro, un progetto in cui Howard Schatz rachiude ben 270 immagini, si assiste a un passaggio dall'estitica all'erotismo, ossia dal nudo alla raffigurazione di corpi. L'attenzione di Schatz all conformatzione anatomica resta quella di uno scienziato, ma a uno sguardo piu approfondito rivela anche la sua ricerca di un'invenzione artistica."-

+ L'Uomo Vogue, Italy ++
-"Ob mit Rosen bemalt, in schillernden Seifenblasen gefangen oder unter Wasser schwebend, Fotograf Howard Schatz verwandelt die Korper seiner Modelle in perfekte Lebend-Skulpturen."-

+ Vogue Germany ++
-"Schatz' parece haber investigado absolutamente todas las posibilidades que ofrece el cuerpo humano ante la camara."-
+ Vogue Espagna ++
-"Magnificent. Howard Schatz' "Nude Body Nude" is a testament to the beauty of the human form. He masterfully uses his camera to capture the grace and spirit of all that is beautiful."-
+ ++
-"Kudos to Schatz for yet another creative masterpiece. This collection of carefully orchestrated images reveals the cumulative compositional talents of the artists. Each page makes evident the skill and attention given over to portrayal of the human form. Sometimes bare, sometimes provocatively garnished, this is nothing less than virtuoso in flesh and blood."-
+ ++
-"Hooray, Howard is back with a luscious, gorgeous, magnificent book of nudes that is both dynamic and sensual. This large format book is the ideal size to aptly display the sumptuous geometry of the human form. For those familiar with Schatz' other books this is reminiscent of "Passion and Line" with overtones of "Water Dance"; the former being my personal all time favorite book of photography. "Nude Body Nude", while filled with astute studies of the human form, does have its lighter side too - a few quirky images designed to throw the viewer off guard. I panned his last book but I love this one. Don't buy it as a gift, buy it for yourself."-
+ ++

Hardcover, 10 1/2" x 14", 320 pp,
252 duotone %26 color photographs
Pub. Date: November 2000
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers