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BOTANICA is a sumptuous, oversize volume of 113 four-color flower photographs. From the exotic - angel's trumpets, passionflowers, and pincushions - to the familiar - lilies, roses, and begonias - the flowers Schatz photographs have never looked quite like this before. Annotations at the back of the book, accompanied by miniature reproductions of the full-page plates, identify each flower and leaf and provide both common and Latin names.

Dorrie Rosen of the New York Botanical Garden finds BOTANICA extraordinary. "Schatz combines exquisite image detail, intensity and contrast of light with expression of line, color and shape. Ordinary and familiar flowers are dramatically transformed from reality to imagination and back again."

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REVIEWS: Botanica

-"In Howard Schatz's new book, BOTANICA (Bulfinch; $60), the photographer's flowers seem to pulse and glow, as if shot underwater. The intensity of Schatz's lighting makes the flowers seem animated."-
+ Town %26 Country ++

-"This oversized collection of Schatz's photographs of exotic flowers serves as a venue not only for Schatz's technical skill, but his eye for composition and color. A brilliant sense of texture is realized in Schatz's ability to create the look of feathers-and even fabric-with these heavily stylized flora. Shot using a powerful macro lens and bold lighting, the flowers fairly glow with color. Schatz transforms common flowers ... into stunning studies of form, line and light, bringing a fresh perspective to mundane objects. His photographs of exotic flowers are similarly beautiful, making this a gift for flower or fine photography enthusiasts. "-
+ Publishers Weekly ++

-"For fans of flowers, this collection of Howard Schatz's close-up, color saturated photographs with their promise of spring is a perfect winter gift."-
+ Metropolitan Home ++

-"The premise in photographer Howard Schatz's BOTANICA is that the closer you get the more you see. Consequently, we have a celebration of a world of glorious flowers --extreme close-up pictures of passionflowers, pincushions, begonias, lilies, and roses depicted in extraordinary detail. The color reproduction is rich and Schatz's photographs are, thankfully, not interrupted by text. There is no introduction, no preface, no foreword, and no essays to pry your eyes off of these luscious images, just page after page of an intimate world of flowers as you have never seen them before."- + Santa Fe Monthly ++

BOTANICA by Howard Schatz
Publication date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-8212-6173-8
Page count: 156 pages
Trim size: 12 x 12
Price/format: $60.00/hardcover