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Caught In The Act: Actors Acting

We have long been fascinated by actors, by men and women who can call upon the alchemy that brings to life people who exist only as words on a page.

How do actors become actors, and why? What inspires and motivates them, and what does it take to do what they do?

Through formal portraits and interviews, we searched for the secrets of 85 of these talented shape-shifters, looking for both visual and personal truths. And by suggesting to them situations and characters, in the time-honored exercise of improvisation, we provided the catalysts for the creation of a wonderful cast of instantly invented people.

In the process, we were constantly surprised, delighted, and richly entertained, lucky to be witnesses to fantasy and transformation.

With Caught in the Act: Actors Acting, his 20th book, acclaimed photographer Howard Schatz explores the magical transformation that happens when an actor takes hold of words on a page and becomes another person.

Schatz demonstrates his mastery as a director, leading 85 actors to explore an enormous range of scenarios in
one-on-one improvisation, capturing the dynamic energy of the actors in full creative flight.

In addition, Schatz made powerful and compelling portraits of each actor along with an extensive interview, focusing on the creative process. Schatz gives us a unique window into the world of stage and screen.

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting will be available everywhere October 20, 2013.

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This is a book to be savored slowly. The photos, the words, the sheer joy and fascination in seeing these professionals at work are an experience not to be missed.
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Actor Testimonials

Being photographed by Howard Schatz is like taking a wild ride only to discover you’ve lost your brakes. I highly recommend it. —Jeff Daniels

Being interviewed by Howard is an intimate and wonderful experience. Very quickly you feel comfortable and wide open. Being shot by him even more so. Ideas of one’s self drop away as you engage with him in his process of photographing what feels like one’s insides as much as the obvious outer layers. —Melissa Leo

Howard fires whimsical one-line scenarios at you and has the uncanny knack of being able to co-erce actors into a mad state of play, forgetting the camera. —Geoffrey Rush

It was such a joy to work with Howard. We bonded on so many levels, and he continues to inspire me with his art. —Ken Jeong

Never a fan of the “acting exercise”, shooting with Howard has changed my mind. I adored every moment of our session together. His ability to guide, suggest and inspire
while providing a really creative place to play around was a joy. —Jane Lynch

Howard Schatz has a deep and profound love and respect for actors and the craft of acting. He acknowledges the mystery, eccentricity and insanity of the process and allows it to happen in front of his compassionate lens.
—Michael Imperioli

Howard Schatz, Beverly J. Ornstein and Owen Edwards
Celebrity Photography/Pop Culture
Glitterati, Inc.
October 2013 release
12 x 12” hardcover 304 pages 52,000 words 85 actors featured
in more than 625 photos ISBN 978-0-9851696-9-5